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My store is getting in approximately $250,000 worth of Nike NFL jerseys. Here are the things I can legally share with you.

Ok, so here’s the dish. I have not been told much, but there are still some things I cannot say. cheap nfl jerseys paypal So here are the things that Nike doesn’t care about me saying, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in a 100% confirmed setting.

Not super important, cheap nfl jerseys supply just confirming a post earlier this week; motto will be included in the neck lining of the jerseys. I don’t know if Nike knows the motto of every team yet. cheap nfl jerseys paypal I was not informed.

Jerseys that are not due to be changed will not be changed. Fairly obvious, but some people expected a rule exception since the company is changing. No exception. If you have gotten your logo, or any part of your uniform changed in the past 5 years,cheap nfl jerseys paypal  you will receive no actual design changes.

Jerseys will be much more slim. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Nike is shying away from the fat & lazy American football fan look that Reebok had. No long will jerseys be straight down from the shoulders. They want a more fitted, sleek look to the jerseys. Personally, I nfl jerseys paypal  Expect to order a size up from what you normally buy jerseys at; I usually buy a Medium because it still fits like a dress on me. I will most likely be buying a large of the new shipment.

Silk-screen is OUT. Sort of. cheap nfl jerseys supply from china There are still two levels of replica jerseys; stitched and not-stitched. And as far as I know, the not-stitched will still be referred to as silk-screen. They are not, however, thin material anymore. Nike doesn’t want anything remotely cheap associated with their name, including the material used for their lowest quality jerseys. The new silk-screen jerseys will be more like the Reebok stitched material, but still an iron-on number, logo, and name. cheap nfl jerseys paypal The new stitched jerseys will probably be slightly more durable, but with less of a dramatic change.

Price hike! AWWWW YEAAAAAH! Don’t worry,cheap nfl jerseys supply from china  I make no more money off a price hike, as I have to pay more for them, too. Expect the new jerseys to run $100/$130 for silk-screen and stitched, respectively (As compared to the $80/$110 of last season).

So, some tips! First off, cheap nfl jerseys paypal buy quickly. I’ve noticed an extreme drop in Reebok jerseys from last year, ever since Nike announced they were taking over. This suggests that everyone is saving up for a Nike jersey. Just because Nike now owns the contract and can produce much more than Reebok did over the past year does not mean that every store near you will get the shipments they want when they want it. Always remember; limited supply keeps business running. Buy right away.

Second tip! cheap nfl jerseys wholesale supply You want cheap jerseys? Well, don’t look at nfl jerseys supply  I want full money. That being said, I can tell you what store owners do; As soon as it looks like no other Reebok jerseys will sell, they will put them at half price. SOME stores do this. I repeat; SOME. So, find those some before everyone else, these will be extremely limited. A second option is to find a friend in a different state. Some stores have too much of a player from another team, and discount those jerseys when they realize. In example; I had about 90 Tony Romo jerseys. In hindsight, that was silly of nfl jerseys supply  I work in Detroit. Half price. (I still only sold about 60 of them). Find things like that.

Anyway, that’s it. Happy shopping cheap nfl jerseys wholesale supply.